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Structured Wiring
Providing the communications infrastructure for your business
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Structured Wiring

Structured wiring is a method of providing the communications infrastructure of your business in a well organized, easy to understand, and thorough way to provide a general solution to your present and future needs.

Rather than run a coax here, and a Cat 5 there, and another coax somewhere else as you guess at the future needs, the structured approach is to consistently run a full bundle of wire to every significant office.

If you are going to put in two times the amount of wire that you will use at any one time, then it is important that you organize it so you can find and connect what you need at any point in the life of the business.

Structured wiring will do this for you as it provides uniformity and completeness.


Structured Precision

Precision Technologies clearly labels all wires within the structured wiring panel, as each wire has its own specific function in the home. When the job is complete we leave a wiring guide for you so you have a good understanding of what each wire does.
Future Proof your Infrastructure

Planning with the Future in Mind.

The whole purpose of installing a structured wire system is to have the flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of changing needs during the life of the business. The organization you put into your installation will show its benefit as you start installing the entertainment, communications, and computer equipment that attaches to these wires. You will undoubtedly be very happy you put this infrastructure into your business as the years go on.

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