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What is structured wiring?
Structured wiring is a generic term used to describe many different types of residential wiring products currently on the market. These products all have the same basic purpose—to efficiently distribute a variety of data signals throughout your home.

Signal types supported range from those you are probably familiar with, such as cable television and telephone, to those you may not be so familiar with, such as Ethernet computer networks. To give some more practical (and exciting!) examples, a structured wiring system is the backbone which will allow you to:

Play a DVD in one room, and watch it on any other TV in your

Listen to your stereo in any room of your house

Place video cameras at your front door, in the back yard, and in 
  the baby's room and watch the pictures on any TV

Hook multiple computers up to one internet connection

Send files between all computers in the house

Share devices such as computer printers and fax machines

Have over a dozen different phone lines

Easily make adjustments to all of these options as your family's
  needs change



Say Goodbye.
Say goodbye to a tangled mess of wires and unruly cables.
It's called Structured Wiring. The result is a nice, tidy little run that stays out of your way, protects individual wires and keeps the low voltage electronics in your home humming right along. Peek inside and you might find wiring for your home computer network, video/audio components, security alarms, and telephones. Everything comes together at a central distribution box (a lot like your home's circuit breaker box).

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