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Whole House Audio
So you think you want speakers throughout your home? Do you want to have nice background music playing while you move around about your tasks? Do you want to hit a button to conjure up an instant "party atmosphere" for that big bash?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or have any one of a thousand other reasons for building an audio system into your home, then you''ve come to the right place.

Utilizing nothing but the best name brands in the business (Creston, McIntosh, Russound & Nuevo) is the only way to go.

Distributed Audio and Video
Nothing adds more ambiance while entertaining than beautiful music playing through the house, inside and out. With Precision Technologies, you can experience music and video where you want, when you want. From true high-fidelity quality components to multi-zone music and video distribution, we can help you set the mood with full control over your entire media collection.

Your home or business can be divided into individual zones, each of which is able to select separate audio source material and adjust local volume. Or, just as easily, operate the whole house from one keypad.


Mozart in the Home Office, Sinatra on the Patio and Beyonce in the Kitchen. We can do that!

Our music and video systems can be integrated with your home automation system so you can select the source and set the volume for each zone to coordinate the audio system with your activities:

bullet Wake up every morning with the news radio station.
bullet Set every room to the iPodô and preset the volumes for a party.
bullet When arriving home have the den zone turn on using the satellite radio as its source.
bullet Turn the entire system off when leaving the house.
bullet Mute bedroom and outdoor zones when itís bedtime.





Wouldn't it be great to live in a home where there was background music throughout the home, or different music in different rooms coming from a central source? With the rapid advancement of technology and the increased reduction of price, this is no longer a "want", but it is now a "need".

What is whole house audio? Simply put, whole house audio is having multiple pairs of speakers (stereo) in several rooms or locations in the home. Each of these rooms or areas is called a zone. The first decision to make is whether the system will be a single source or multiple source system.

Single source

All zones will have the same music. The volume can be independently changed in each zone, or muted, but everyone in the home will hear the same thing at the same time. This is rarely used any longer as most homeowners want the ability to listen to different sources of music in different rooms of the house.


Each zone may choose a source independently. For instance, jazz could be playing in the living room, a group could be listening to Sirius radio in another room, and someone else could be listening to the ball game on the patio.

The next step is deciding what sources you want to listen to or watch. In a single source system, this can be as simple as the AM/FM tuner in a receiver, but most customers will want a greater variety of listening and viewing options. These can include:

bullet Satellite radio from XM or Sirius
bullet Satellite and cable television
bullet DVD/CD changers
bullet Dedicated AV storage systems. These use multiple large capacity hard disc drives to store all of your .mp3 files.
bullet iPods

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