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Precision Technologies evaluates every customerís requests and prepares drawings, plans, parts lists, and provides an estimate to the builder with complete rough-in, finish work, and all configuration and programming costs. All work and materials are spec and comply to local building codes. We are able to deliver to latest of technology at a highly competitive price.

We design and program our home automation systems to be easy to use, so all you have to do is press one button (ok maybe two)!

With a master control system from Precision Technologies, you can coordinate all of the systems in your home to talk to each other.

Homeowners recognize that an automated home can pay for itself through energy savings while increasing the value and enjoyment of your home.

You can expand and customize your home automation system now, or at any time in the future. You can add touch screen panels, remote controls, or multi-zone audio and home theater controls.

Home automation integrates lighting, home theater, temperature and security systems for your family lifestyle. There are hundreds of home automation options and systems.

We''ll help you through the maze of products to determine what fits you best.

Our experience includes: Central Lighting Systems, Home Theater Media Servers, Voice Recognition, Remote Access Control, Security System Control, Occupancy Based Energy Savings, Home Network Setup and Home Automation Design.



Lighting Control.
Lights are a necessity in any new home, and require as much, if not more, thought and consideration as any other amenity. But a more fundamental requirement is the way in which you will control the lights of your home. And thereís no better way to do that than with a lighting control system

What is Lighting Control?
Lighting Controls provide the means to turn lights on and off or dim them from a convenient location or many locations throughout the house.

Lighting scenes are created by dimming and controlling only those lights in a specific scene which can consist of one light or a hundred lights. All types of lights can be controlled including low voltage, standard line voltage and even fluorescent lights. Incandescent lights are the easiest to control because they are easily dimmed. Dimming fluorescent lights requires special ballasts.

 Lights can also be controlled from your car or the telephone. Dimming lights also saves energy by decreasing the voltage at the light. This dimming effect also increases bulb life dramatically.

At Precision Technologies will offer you high quality lighting and control systems with exceptional and professional service. At Precision Technologies, we take the time to understand the way our customers live and what is important to them. We have the experienced staff to timely, effectively and efficiently program your home automation system to respond to your individual needs.


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