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Home Theater Systems
Imagine having the audio and visual magic of a movie theater directly into your living room or a dedicated home cinema. Precision Technologies provides systems which simplify the management and control of your home theater with an easy-to-use interface to control the receiver, display and all your sources.

Today's home theater systems contain the latest in video and audio technology making having a private theater in your own home a reality! However understanding technologies such as Dolby Digital, DTS, THX, HDTV, Plasma, DLP and LCD may be confusing; but these are truly amazing new technologies that can enhance your viewing enjoyment at home. Picking the right matching components is crucial in having a great home theater.


 It's no wonder that most consumers end up purchasing the "home theatre in a box." Unfortunately these systems are designed especially for movie playback, and fall short in reproducing high fidelity music.



Precision Tech Strategy
From Start to Finish, we help Create Your Ideal Theater:

bullet Home theater planning and design
bullet Home theater components including Flat Panel, Rear Projection, Plasma, DLP and Plasma, televisions, High Definition TV, DVD, Video Media Servers, Digital recording and playback, Super VHS, A/V Receivers, Decoders, Amplifiers, Programmable Remote Controls
bullet In wall, in ceiling, in floor, wall mounted, book shelf and free standing towers speakers
bullet Multi-room, multi-source audio and video
bullet Home Cinema rooms which reproduces the full movie experience, including stadium theater seating, and plush theater chairs. m
bullet Built-in or free standing audio/video cabinets.
bullet Training, remote control programming, equipment upgrades and consultation.

 As you may have already discovered, it is a challenge to manage your budget with the components and power you want in you system. Most people will admit that the movie experience is wonderful but the buying experience is not! The product choices are mind-boggling, installation takes rocket science and figuring out how to operate your home theater can be frustrating.


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